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Panasonic VIERA Tablet Slated for 2011 Release

During CES 2011 Panasonic showcased an upcoming tablet that will not only work in conjunction with the company's VIERA digital televisions, but will also offer easy access to a number of cloud-based services. Called the VIERA Tablet, the device is expected to go retail by the end of the year.

Currently little is known about the actual hardware specs, however Panasonic said that it will arrive in various models with different LED touchscreen sizes from four to ten inches. They'll also feature a slim and lightweight design, long hours of operation and shock resistant construction.

"The new tablet is designed to provide creative functions and easy operability in conjunction with VIERA digital televisions to deliver new value that cannot be offered through Internet televisions alone," the company said Wednesday. "The tablet will create a whole new viewing style. Its intuitive navigation interface makes it easy for the user to use cloud services. The tablet can also work as a sub-screen for displaying images and information related to the images shown on the connected television."

Panasonic said that it will work to launch its cloud-based service business as early as possible, and to build alliances with major companies in various industries. However for now Panasonic is showing a prototype of the tablet to CES 2011 attendees, promoting the following tablet-oriented features:

  • Enjoy IPTV services such as VIERA Connect online video-on-demand and interactive services
  • Use it intuitively as a "visual remote control" to operate TV including switching channels
  • View sports scenes from different angles as a sub-screen
  • Communicate via social network services (SNS) while watching TV
  • Enjoy the advantage of e-commerce, ordering suggested items related to the TV contents by shopping online on the tablet

Expect more details to emerge later this year.