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Power Felt Clothing Material Charges Phones With Body Heat

While the idea of gadget-charging clothing isn't exactly new, most concepts feature photovoltaic or piezoelectric materials. This example however, features a new thermoelectric material called Power Felt. Created by a team of researchers at North Carolina's Wake Forest University, Power Felt is capable of converting temperature differences into electrical voltage.

For example, a jacket made out of Power Felt may be able to generate electricity simply from the difference in its wind-cooled exterior and its body-warmed interior lining. Although the material supposedly looks and feels just like regular felt, the material is made up of carbon nanotubes contained within flexible plastic fibers.

Although thermoelectric materials like Power Felt already exist, the researchers claim Power Felt could prove to be a much more cost-effective alternative. For example, integration into a simple smartphone cover could be as cheap as a dollar. For more information on the material, you can read the recently published paper on the research here.