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Chaotic Moon Creates Mind-Controlled Skateboard

This year's CES was filled with "smart" televisions, gadgets and tablets, but the Board of Awesomeness created by Chaotic Moon Labs was a real head turner. As its name bravely boasts of awesomeness, we never would've thought the company would be able follow-up with a new product but we were pleasantly blown away by Chaotic Moon Labs' Board of Imagination

Sure using a Kinect-powered skateboard where your hand is a virtual gas pedal is awesome, but nothing can compare to a skateboard powered by your own thoughts. By integrating a wireless Emotiv EPOC headset, the Board of Imagination is able to read and process signals from the rider's brain. All you have to do is visualize a destination and speed and the board does all of the work in getting you there.

Aside from the new headset, it may be surprising to learn that all of the hardware powering the board remains the same as its predecessor. Like its awesome counterpart, the Board of Imagination is powered by the same front-mounted Samsung tablet equipped with the Windows 8 Developer Preview. The current model features an 800 watt motor capable of launching the board as fast as 32 miles per hour.

No word on when or if the board will be available for purchase, but the company does plan on open-sourcing the code behind the board. Head on over to Chaotic Moon Labs for more information and a closer look at its projects.