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YouTube Co-founder Announces New Video Site

YouTube is one of Google's biggest products. Now, one of the men behind the successful video sharing site has a new project. YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley today announced the upcoming launch of his brand new site, MixBit.


Hurley, along with his YouTube co-founders Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, sold YouTube to Google in 2006 for the princely sum of $1.65 billion. He left Google almost three years ago, in 2010, and handed the reigns over to Salar Kamangar. However, it seems he's been busy working on something else. Hurley tweeted about his new project, using Google's 'YouTube is shutting down' April Fool's joke as a jumping off point.


Not surprisingly, Hurley's newest project also relates to videos and user-generated content. MixBit is a video collaboration tool that allows users to work together on videos. Though it's not live yet, users can sign up for more information about MixBit by entering their email address at Visiting the site will result in a message stating that YouTube is shutting down and an invitation to sign up for a new site that allows people to not only "watch cat videos, but create them... together!"

No word on when MixBit will launch properly, but we'll keep you posted!

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