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The Cell Phone Turns 40: Over the Hill?

Over the years we've seen mobile phones evolve from simple 'calls on' devices to become the smartphones we use today. Gone are the days when your phone made phone calls. Now calling is just one of many functions and some phone owners may argue that it isn't even the most important one. Between SMS, MMS, email, web browsing, social networking, texts, and VoIP, the cell phone hasn't been just a phone for years. But just how old is the cell phone? Perhaps older than you might think.

Today, the mobile celebrates its 40th birthday. On April 3, 1973, Motorola engineer Martin Cooper made the first phone call from a mobile phone. Forty years on, the telephone has all but moved on from buttons. The touchscreen is more popular than ever and smartphone adoption continues to grow. Big companies like Google and Apple are constantly duking it out for number one, while old champs like Nokia and BlackBerry, which exist solely for the production of cell phones, are still struggling to get it right. 

Do you remember your first cell phone? Hold old were you? What kind of phone was it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • silverliquicity
    Nokia 3210 ftw
  • paradigital
    Mine was a Philips Diga, in 1997!
  • marclee37
    i think cell phone has become truly popular (in Hong Kong) since 2000, everyone has one, even students. since then everyone go out of home must with a cell phone.

    before cell phone, it was pager.
  • vaughn2k
    My first phone was the Motorola Bag Phone 2950 - bought it 20years ago, then the the Nokia 909, bought it 17years ago. still have it though, with a camouflage casing...
  • seinfeld
    The Iphone is over the hill. I get onto trains. I always see chicks with Iphones squinting and holding close to their eyes. so I bust on them for being old and blind. then I pull out the note 2. and watch them gleem with eny haha
  • Parrdacc
    Don't remember my first cell phone, but I do remember the plan was nationwide $10.00 a month, nights and weekends free starting at 6pm on Friday.
  • TAC_Tech
    my first phone was the nokia 100, which cost roughly $2000 in 1987 and has a grand total battery life of 40 minutes. Then upgraded to the Motorola StarTAC650 in 1993, then as the old analog system was being phased out, switched to a motorola T721 SIM-based flip-phone, then eventually transitioned to the new LTE needless to say...i've had a few phones in my day.
  • scythe944
    StarTAC! FTW!
  • inkmatt420
    The Motorola MicroTAC i was 11 and the sim card was the same size as a credit card, then i got nokia 5110 with the express on covers
  • 3lsergio
    My first cellphone was back in Jan2013, good times...