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Carmack Doesn't Expect Much From Waggle

When John Carmack speaks, gamers pause to listen... or at least, that's how it used to be. We're always attracted to the id co-founder's technical jargon, hoping to feel a little smarter after he talks code and hardware specifics. Recently Carmack commented on the upcoming motion-control technologies offered by Sony and Microsoft. We heard, we listened, and we were stung by his words, saying that he doesn't expect much from either.

Instead, he's interested in checking out what will be packed in the next generation of consoles. But that doesn't mean he's not interested in Project Natal and Sony's motion-control device. While they mark a new era of gameplay, they're limited to what they can provide overall. "Most of these I/O devices do not add much value for games that are not explicitly designed for them. It has to be something like the Wii," he told Variety.

Carmack also added that motion controllers will have less of an impact on action games like first person shooters. Although the devices could conjure up new methods of gameplay and genres, it would be difficult for gamers to alter the way they play certain types of games already on the market.

"Great technology doesn’t help a game that’s not built around that technology," he said. “FPS games are part of a fairly evolved genre that isn’t going to benefit from these."

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