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Entire Furniture Collection Made From Cardboard

With a quick glance it would be hard to realize this furniture collection is made out of 100% corrugated cardboard rather than wood. If it wasn't difficult enough to create stools or chairs out of corrugated cardboard, Australian company, Karton, went above and beyond in creating entire furniture collections. Complete designs from king-sized bed frames to drawers and desks, these corrugated masterpieces are quite amazing.

Not only are these cardboard furniture pieces simple and sturdy, they are also water-proofed by using water-based polyurethane and paints. Without any fasteners, tools, or complicated hardware used for construction, these cardboard furniture collections are user friendly and cost effective. Users simply have to follow easy instructions for a system of folds and tabs that make assembly quick and pain-free.

Although this collection may not be for everyone, Karton's cardboard furnishings would be perfect for temporary living situations such as student dorms or apartment rentals. Easily transportable, constructable and recyclable, this versatile furniture set is great for a variety of different situations. Check out Karton's page for more photos and information.