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Disaster Relief Beds Made From Cardboard

This brilliant and cost effective design from the French based NOCC provides a solution for disaster relief in the form of precut cardboard panels that can easily be made into modular beds. Designed to be used in emergency and disaster situations or to provide emergency relief for those that need it, the Spartan Sleeper is easy to assemble and ship as minimal tools are required for assembly, all of which are included in the shipping.

After being constructed into a bed, the Spartan Sleeper units deform towards the middle rather than the edges allowing the bed to conform to the shape of a human body. Although cardboard might not be the most comfortable of beds, this innovative design features modular combinations in order to adjust to all ages and sizes and is designed specifically to stay sturdy under human weight. Storage compartments are also build into the top and can be used to stash belongings inside off the ground.