iPhone App Locates Cannabis

In fact, there are two apps currently listed on Apple's Apps Store: Cannabis Apps by Ajnag ($2.99), and California Herbal Caregivers by Onaga Design ($0.99).

However, don't expect some kind of marijuana sniffer that will lead users straight to wild plants. The applications are actually offered for medical purposes, providing information and directions to medical cannabis providers and organizations in states that allow such services.

Cannabis Apps, released towards the end of June, uses directories tended by iMedicalCannabis.org and the Patient ID Center. According to the developer, for each purchase of the Cannabis app, $.50 will be donated to a cannabis non-profit reform fund that will be setup once the application reaches 1000 subscriptions. The Cannabis app helps pot seekers hunt down attorneys, clinics, doctors, and other organizations that deal with cannabis.

The California Herbal Caregivers app (C.H.C.) doesn't appear to be quite as broad as Ajnag's Cannabis, however it does boast the largest directory of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in the state of California. "This app allows you to obtain your weed in a legal, medical, and convenient fashion," reads the app's description. Apparently, the app also received an upgrade back on June 1 that implements GPS and "weed news."

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  • hillarymakesmecry
    Thanks for ANOTHER iphone app update Toms...
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  • neon neophyte
    call me paranoid, but obtaining illegal drugs through legal means seems... sketchy. somehow i think im safer not being a registered dope buyer.
  • Parrdacc
    Careful the cops already are calling people "cowards" just cause one app tells people where the red light cameras are. Kinda funny law enforcement cries about knowledge of something that is not hidden and out in public view. Like its a big secret. Wonder what they will say about this one?
  • Honis
    This just in! A highly restrictive version of the Google Maps has been released on the apps store.

    Come on, its a map with that has a permanent search query! I'd rather have no news then crap news.