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LG Claims Thinnest LCD Panel Ever

As we all know, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is the place for companies to show off their latest and greatest hardware, software, and any other wares worth the spotlight.

This years expo is no different from any other. Companies like LG, Sony, Samsung, and a myriad of other TV makers will be on hand to show why their LCDs, plasmas, and DLP sets are the ones to buy. However, LG has not one, but two aces up its sleeve over the competition.

For starters, the consumer electronics giant plans on claiming the "world's thinnest LCD TV" title when it officially unveils its LED-backlit LH95 LCD TV. The TV is supposedly only 24.8mm (.98 inches) thick, which would indeed give LG the coveted title. Of course, style over substance is something to be booed when it comes to expensive HDTVs, but the LH95 does not disappoint. With a 4ms response time, 240 Hz Trumotion panel and a staggering 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, the thinnest set on the block will be easy on the eyes in more ways than one. According to aving, the set is slated to receive a CES 2009 Innovation Award.

For those who care less about thickness in a TV, LG is also set to announce a new generation of display panels. Debuting at CES, and coming to market in mid-2009, LG has announced a new line of 480Hz Trumotion panels. In laymen terms, a TV with this new technology will display 480 images per second, making the panels some of the fastest on the market. The 480 Hz refresh rate, a 100 percent increase over LG's current 240 Hz mainstay, is made possible with a "scanning" backlight". This new backlight can rapidly turn on and off, drastically reducing motion blur (supposedly). When the scanning backlight is combined with the already available 240 Hz panels from LG, a 480 Hz picture is created. By using the 240 Hz panels, LG claims there is no affect on the picture quality.

“The world’s first Trumotion 480 Hz LCD TV panel is planned to hit the market in the second half of 2009," said Eddie Yeo, Executive VP and head of LG's Display TV Business Unit. "LG Display will provide its customers with unique, high-end products while delivering crisp picture quality for fast moving images.” Because the 240 Hz panel is already available and will be the backbone of the new displays, we know that the TVs will boast a 4ms response time as well as a contrast ratio in the millions.

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  • frozenlead
    Why is everyone obsessed with how thin things are? I'd rather take higher quality, cheaper, and more usable over thin.
  • Darkk
    Eventually we're going to see special plastic that can create tv images that can be applied on the wall like wallpaper.

    Technology already exist, just they are trying to figure out the best way to cheaply mass produce it. I would guess we will see this technology out in the market in about 5 years or so. When that happens we're going to see massive amount of "ads" all over the place including public transit and light poles.
  • Tindytim
    Yay! I always had a harder time breaking those other TVs while in a drunken rage. Now I can get a large expensive object that will break more easily when I punch it!

    DarkkEventually we're going to see special plastic that can create tv images that can be applied on the wall like wallpaper.Technology already exist, just they are trying to figure out the best way to cheaply mass produce it.
    Sounds like OLEDs to me. Sony had already made a few of them that are stable.
  • LAN_deRf_HA
    For about $80 you can get a watch that plays movies using a small OLED. Not sure the specs on it, or if it would be flexible if you removed it from the housing.
  • zodiacfml
    not for poor man like me and i have bad experiences with LG products
  • i dont get all this crap about 120hz and up refresh crap. no one films video over 30fps right? sounds like bs to me.
  • Silluete
    i think the 120hz refresh "crap" is more useable for gaming, i looking forward for 22" lcd for gaming (maybe in 2-3 years)