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CD Projekt: Entrepreneurs Of The Year

Company co-founders Michal Kicinski and Marcin Iwinski have won the Polish edition of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. The award, which is "an international initiative promoting the best entrepreneurs around the world of an unparalleled scale", considers over 10,000 candidates worldwide across 50 countries and 135 major cities. With the Polish award in their possession, Kicinski and Iwinski will go to Monte Carlo next June and will hopefully be named the Global Entrepreneurs of the Year.

"My colleagues from CD Projekt are not only managing a good company but also focus on innovativeness," said Jan Bielecki, contest judge and former Polish Prime Minister. "This is how they fight the monster of recession."

In a period of economic unrest, Poland-based CD Projekt has several established projects and properties that have caught the eye of the tech ad gaming world. Earlier this year, CD Projekt’s RED Studio released an Enhanced Edition of its 2007 best-selling video game The Witcher. Based on the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher went on to both commercial and critical success.

CD Projekt has also gone on to release a beta version of Good Old Games, a website that offers 100 percent DRM-free versions of older PC titles that are inexpensive (either $5.99 or $9.99), and guaranteed to work with both Windows XP and Vista. With the gaming industry driven primarily by sequels these days, it’s nice to find a site where one can go buy Fallout or Fallout 2 for what one would spend at Starbucks.

Now the biggest games distributor in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, CD Projekt was founded in 1994 and was originally heralded for taking AAA titles and translating them fully for local use in several European countries.

Hopefully, CD Projekt RED will continue to develop quality titles, but for now all we can do is hope, and wish Kicinski and Iwinski the best of luck.