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$14K Media Server Coughs Up HD Goodness

Looking for the ultimate solution for storing and distributing your HD media? Starting around $14,000 you can own what Imerge calls the world's most advanced media server: the MS1. This media center is ideal for consumers who have a large collection of HD movies and audio files at home, and for businesses that need to distribute hi-def content to company employees.

Imerge's media beast supports unencrypted DVD video, DVD and Blu-ray video. It can be configured as a master or client, and is easy to install thanks to self discovery. Other features include near silent operation, audio over HDMI, a rack mounting option, and more. Users can access the server remotely on the network using a browser.

As for media storage, Imerge's XiVASafe storage solution compliments the MS1, offered in eSATA and iSCSI configurations (with storage capacities of up to 12 TB). On the iSCSI front, this setup features data center grade reliability and performance, RAID 6, hot swappable fans, UPS integration, and more. The ESATA version provides high performance for a relatively low cost, RAID 1 mirrored security, and even includes a rackmount kit.

Head here to find out where you can purchase the Imerge MS1 media server.