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$135,000 Blu-ray Player Over the Top

We've certainly seen a few crazy-priced gadgets as of late: the $1 million speaker, a $175,000 HD projector, a $35k gold-plated iPhone. These price tags are somewhat scary to those with smaller wallets, and may leave some consumers wondering why anyone would buy diamond-studded devices when an identical version--minus without the jewelry and gold plating--can be picked up down the street at Walmart.

Enter Goldmund's Eidos Reference Blue, a Blu-ray player that's not exactly meant to fit into that slot under the TV.  In fact, there's only 50 of these hyper-high-end players available for purchase, costing big-time spenders a whopping $135,000. UltimateAVMag got its hands on one of the players, and didn't seem too impressed given the device's amplified pricetag.

The expense, if it's not obvious already, is in the overall design. The site says that it's "built like a tank," and the player is heavily damped, supposedly improving image stability and sonic transparency. The device features both brass and aluminum, weighing 66 pounds, and is suspended by four spring-loaded legs on its own dedicated table. The controls are actually mounted on the table, and encased in a gold-plated display.

On the technical side, the Eidos Reference Blue is a Profile 1.1 player, and does not provide Internet access or BD-Live. Goldmund claims that the Blu-ray player is universal, however UltimateAVMag discovered that it can't play DVD-Audio or SACD. The site also says that the analog-audio outputs are unbalanced. Despite all the gold, brass, and aluminum, consumers are better off getting a cheap Blu-ray player at Best Buy that offers more features.