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Blockbuster Renting Movies Via SD Cards

Now here's a concept: ditch the annoying DVD and Blu-ray disks and rent movies by way of SD cards. Apparently that's the road fledging movie rental outlet Blockbuster is now taking to stay ahead of Amazon, Netflix, and Redbox. The company claims that the SD movies will be distributed in kiosks--similar to Redbox--and will cost $1.99.

According to Fast Company, consumers will actually keep the SD cards. They will come in different sizes, depending on the device the consumer wants to use: mobile phones, TVs, computers, or whatever else is capable of reading SD cards. Like downloadable rentals, the DRM allows viewing for a limited time, and afterwords the data becomes useless (unless you can crack the DRM, of course).

Blockbuster is hoping to win customers back who have crossed over to online movie streaming by offering movies at a higher resolution. The company also plans to provide downloadable movies with DRM, also providing higher resolution, however these movies will cost around $4 each... almost a whole month's worth of Netflix.

While the idea is unique and could bring Blockbuster some extra needed revenue, the market may not be ready for SD movie rentals. As Fast Company pointed out, some TVs aren't built to play SD media, and many smartphones use micro or mini SD card slots. As for actually getting out and renting the movie, that should be simple: there's nearly one Redbox kiosk on every other block.

Now about that piracy issue...

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  • cybrcatter
    Its a decent idea Blockbuster, but you're pretty much done for.
    DRM is a deal breaker plain and simple.
  • fatkid35
    will be interesting to see what happens and who else pinches their style.
  • lashabane
    ...that's the road fledging movie rental outlet Blockbuster is now taking...

    Blockbuster is far from being considered by many to be "fledgling". They've been around a lot longer than Netflix or Redbox.

    It's a unique idea but I don't see it doing very well for a couple reasons.
    1) People are wanting to go out less and less, especially just to pick up a movie. More and more people are turning to streaming media as their source of entertainment.
    2) SD cards. The majority of people are tech illiterate, they are not going to know what a SD card is, much less what to do with it.

    And yeah, about that DRM...
  • Yeahh. I hate blockbuster. Those @s$holes cut my credit card because it expired and cancelled my account. I am glad they are going under.
  • gbismack
    Why not offer a refund of some amount for returned SD cards? I would have no use for 25 SD cards, after renting 25 different movies.
  • enzo matrix
    Interesting idea. I would choose it as opposed to dvds or blu-ray rentals (provided they have HD movies).
    What does the DRM matter if it's a rental and all it does it prevent you from viewing the file after a certain amount of time?
  • taiso
    @ bobdole: usually when credit cards expire they tend to get cut off.
  • buwish
    Yes, if the quality is decent, I can see this as potentially a nice cost saving measure for all involved.
  • Darkk
    Using SD cards is completely worthless. Look how many of these things will end up in the trash after it's been viewed. Better business model is stream the videos to the customers which is something others been doing for awhile. Ya well DRM is a deal breaker for some but there have to be some kind of control over their content otherwise nobody would be making any money.