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Blizzard Tracking 180,000 Bugs in WoW

How many bugs does it take to fill an MMORPG? 180,000 of them apparently, or at least that's how many Blizzard is tracking in World of Warcraft. Currently there are 180,000 bugs listed in Blizzard's database, including those that have already been fixed, those that still need addressing, and bugs that Blizzard is currently stomping.

According to, the startling revelation came yesterday at the Austin Game Developers Conference, spouting from Executive Vice President Frank Pearce and Production Director J. Allen Brack. Their presentation focused on what takes place behind the scenes of a MMORPG and how everyone gets their job done. The news surprised the conference attendees in respect to the actual number as well as Blizzard's honest admission.

PC games by nature, bring problems to the table due to random consumer hardware configurations, however games such as World of Warcraft and Age of Conan are consistently larger than the average title. Throw in the fact that the server side code remains active twenty-four hours a day, and additional external elements creating havoc in gameplay, developers stay rather busy patching security holes and improving code.

Unfortunately, the company didn't reveal its long list of bugs. Then again, perhaps we're better off not knowing, but to instead just enjoy the virtual world and let the subscription fee take care of the worries.