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Facebook Brings Backwards Compatibility to Older BlackBerrys

Both software and hardware developers are mostly focused upon bringing the latest add-ons and gadgets to their latest tech, favouring the new over the old. However, in a fresh change, Facebook have released an upgrade for their Blackberry app, aimed at bringing the latest features to the outdated Blackberry OS 5. 

Whether BlackBerry 5 users are waiting for a version 10 phone with a tactile keyboard, or simply enjoy their device enough not to feel the need to upgrade, they can now continue their daily Facebook rituals with the newest features supported. Some features included are the more dominant presence of pictures of your news feed and timeline, and the addition of the pull down to refresh command. The update has already started its release, available through Blackberry App Stores worldwide.

    Time to bust out my PalmTreo 650 again...LOL not.
  • computerfarmer
    Looks like Black Berry wants to keep their existing customers and take a chance this will keep them when it is time for something new. Hoping Black Berry will support this better than Facebook's support. Facebook's auto security is banning many legitimate users in error. Facebook says they can not undo this and there is not place to contact Facebook for real problems. Perhaps this move will help Blackberry be seen as a customer caring company.
  • Timmy225
    First thing anyone with a IQ>50 is to delete any app connected to social sites. Facebook & Twitter are for Tools & Fools. Now make sure you "Like" that corporation next time you tools visit their Facebook page.
  • NeeKo
    Downloads so far : 27.