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Developer: Current FPS Games Are "Boring"

Actually, "boring" isn't exactly what a former EA Criterion Senior Designer (Black) said about current FPS games on the market. But because Tom's is more of a family-friendly site, we can't quote Stuart Black's true feelings about the current crop. Needless to say, he's not too thrilled, and made his feelings perfectly clear in a recent interview with The Official Xbox Magazine.

"There's a lot of cover-based shooters out at the moment," he said. "But when a guy hunkers down behind something, you've just got to sit there and wait for him to pop his head up. Pops up, couple of bullets to his head, pops back down again.. and I'm waiting for him to pop back up again?"

His summation? The gameplay is boring. "I can't be bothered hanging around like that."

Currently Black is working on an FPS for Codemasters, stationed at the company's Guilford Studio. The details around the game are rather scarce, however the April edition of the Official Xbox Magazine UK touted the FPS as "the shooter that everybody asked for." This will also be Codemasters' first new IP since the launch of Operation Flashpoint, GRID, and DiRT.

Will Black create something so entirely new and fresh that it will reset the entire FPS genre? Probably not.

  • CoderDunn
    I see, so he wants AI in games to be more fun by standing out in the open while they get shot. Sounds much more realistic /s
  • mathiasschnell
    Y'know sometimes realism needs to be thrown to the wayside for the sake of fun. Not sure why there's a sudden need for things to look and feel realistic when the most fun games are ones where reality is pretty much ignored.

    I mean, just take a look at Katamari Damacy.
    Realistic? No.
    Weird and perhaps drug induced? Yes.
    Fun as hell? You bet.
  • guitarpeggio
    I think the enemies' AI in Borderlands is a lot of fun. They are constantly scrambling around and they rarely duck and pop up in the same place twice.
  • justiceguy216
    coderdunnI see, so he wants AI in games to be more fun by standing out in the open while they get shot. Sounds much more realistic /s
    I think he's refering to games with preset cover points... where the game says "Press 'A' to hide behind this here barrel", rather than letting you figure out how to crouch behind it and uncrouch to shoot
  • mojito_619
    It looks like they haven't played MW2 Multilayer.
    *end of sarcasm
  • kingnoobe
    That doesn't sound like what hes refering to me justice. Sounds like what coderrdunn said except I think he's talking more about multiplayer not AI.

    With that said I couldn't agree more with the boring part, but I completely disagree with the reason why.

    Gave me rogue spear with an updated engine. I'd be in heaven. To many new fps don't have enough options. They want to restrict what you do. Ya I like the options of ctf, ffa..etc. But FFS give me the option to host without having to buy a server, or an easy way to customize on what weapons and ammo can be used as an admin.

    Shotguns+rubber batons was a blast in rogue spear.
  • dark_lord69
    Seriously, I really like the soldier of fortune series. Nothing was more satisfying than completely blowing a guys head off OR a couple limbs. I have seen too many monster FPS games and too many that only have blood and don't convey that ultra violent and very graphic aspect I really like in a good first person shooter. When I'm pissed off or just in a bad mood nothing makes me feel better than a graphic and violent video game.
  • Gin Fushicho
    Thank god someone agrees with me, if I shoot someone in the head , and they aren't wearing a helmet, it should not matter what weapon I use , if it can penetrate the skull IRL , the dude should be dead with one shot , no exceptions. As for helmets , those will only protect you from so much.
  • princeofdreams
    CodeMasters + FPS Game = Major Fail
  • killerclick
    I want realistic shooters. Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear were awesome. I loved how Quake and Unreal players couldn't last 10 seconds against me... kept trying to aim while running, trying to jump, forgetting that bullets pass through doors and other people... it was a blast