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Second Bill and Jerry Commercial Three Times as Long and Thankfully, Three Times as Funny

The latest episode of the Bill and Jerry advertising campaign hit our screens on Thursday, and while we’re equally as confused as the last time, we actually sort of liked it.

Watching the first commercial, most people were just plain bewildered. It wasn’t all that funny and it was pretty much the longest minute and a half we’d ever experienced. We’re not sure what made the second installment that bit more entertaining. There were the same oddly random jokes and awkward questions and similarly uncomfortable ending. So, what made the ad better?

Perhaps that it was longer and there was more time to make it funny, more time to work in the jokes and more time to outline some kind of plot. Upping the original ad from a minute and a half to four and a half minutes made it seem like less of an ad and more like a short episode of “The Bill and Jerry Show.”

Yesterday’s commercial sort of reminded us of an episode of the Simple Life. It sees Bill and Jerry attempting to give themselves a nice healthy dose of reality by spending some time living with a normal, everyday family.

“Why, Bill? Because as we discussed, you and I are a little out of it. You’re livin’ in some kinda moon-house, hovering over Seattle like the mothership and I got so many cars, I get stuck in my own traffic,” Jerry explains. “We need to connect with real people!”

However some things never change and the fact that Microsoft still didn’t mention anything at all about the company until the very end of the commercial probably helped make it seem less like an ad. Finishing with another obscure question from Jerry Seinfeld about the developments being made at Microsoft, this commercial lacks Bill Gates butt, although, you do get to see him bust a move.

“Bill, you’ve connected over a billion people, I can’t help wondering what’s next. Frog with an email, goldfish with a website, amoeba with a blog… If it’s yes, give me a sign, gimme a little robot”.

Again, not exactly pushing the product or the company, but more amusing than watching Bill Gates "adjust his shorts."

A lot of people responded to the first ad with suspicions that Microsoft was trying to look cool. Hiring Jerry Seinfeld, a man with his own popular and very funny TV show, to do your commercials is bound to get you some brownie points with fans. Unfortunately these same people came to the conclusion that Microsoft could never be cool and shouldn’t try. This day last week, we’d have agreed however, this ad was ten times better than the old one and we’re finding ourselves looking forward to the next one. Sure, as an advertisement for Microsoft, it’s pretty lame, but it’s entertainment and people are talking about it, so maybe Microsoft’s marketing team are doing something right.

Unfortunately, a closer look puts a damper on the Seinfeld/Gates comedy experience. When you remember that they’re trying to push a product and the theme of this ad is obviously connectivity, it seems they send the wrong message entirely. The end of the ad sees the two evicted from the ’normal, every day home’, despite Bill’s declaration that he thought they connected with the family, it didn’t really work out in the end. Check out the advert and decide for yourself.

  • customisbetter
    guess what. 0 x 3 = 0

    these commercials are in no way funny to me.
  • I thought it was funny when Bill was reading the bedtime story about inheritance and polymorphism; although it's probably the nerdiest joke I ever heard.
  • Are people missing the boat on this? Seinfeld is a show "about nothing". The commercials are "about nothing". But it's enough to get people to talk about Microsoft.
  • Maybe this is a way for Bill Gates to make a few more bucks now that he's retired (or at least demoted himself)... Needed a few million m more to buy some small country.
  • Seinfeld hasn't been funny in many years, give the "about nothing" a rest and let it die, along with microsoft. There marketing team must be full of old seinfeld dweebs.
  • NuclearShadow
    Not only did I not find it funny but I also find it odd that such a wealthy and powerful corporation can't even advertise itself better than a Sunny Delight commercial. I don't like the Mac commericals either but they are better than this garbage.
  • soloman02
    OK, seriously Microsoft, WTF.
  • You gays are seriously uptight and 100% missing the point of these commercials if you claim they are "about nothing." I can listen to your arguments about how they might not be funny because that is a personal opinion but the subject of the commercial and the message passed is very real and relevant to the goal of the "mini-series." The first of which is to get people to talk about Microsoft and show Bill Gates to be a normal every day kind of person who isn't out of touch.

  • SuckRaven
    Way to go Microsoft. If you really are making "Frog with an email, goldfish with a website, amoeba with a blog…" behind closed doors, then the neurotransmitters in your brain are not connecting.

    Despite Steve Jobs being perhaps even more of a tool than Gates in the sense of coolness, Apple has at least managed a seemingly nonchalant method of advertising, though probably millions were spent there too. Either way, to me at least, Apple's commercials comes accross more seamlessly than this very contrived attempt at a "mee too" catch-up session.

    That being said, I am by no means an Apple fanboy, though in this particular instance, it does seem like Microsoft has completely dropped the ball. It just seems like they are trying way...way too hard on this one.

    Come on this all you geniuses could come up with? =|
  • evilshuriken
    Well... it's better than the other one. Still the longest and most confusing commercial ever though.
    Also, poor old lady.