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Bill Gates Comes in at No. 2 on Forbes Rich List

He was robbed of his ‘World’s Richest Man’ title in 2010 by Carlos Slim, a 70-year-old Mexican telecoms mogul who placed third on 2009’s list of the world’s billionaires. However, it seems 2011 was not the year of the comeback for Bill Gates. Forbes just released its annual billionaires list and Bill, with his $56 billion fortune, it still at number two while Slim and his net worth of $74 billion are sitting comfortably at number one.

According to Forbes, 2011 saw two records broken, with the total number of listees hitting 1,210 and the combined wealth of the group hitting $4.5 trillion. While Slim and Gates occupied first and second place, third, fourth and fifth places were taken by Warren Buffet ($50b), Bernard Arnault ($41b), and Larry Ellison ($39.5b) respectively.

Forbes reports that, while American billionaires still dominate the global ranks, we’re fast losing ground. Nearly all emerging markets have showed solid gains in the last year, but Asia-Pacific is moving particularly fast; the region now has 332 billionaires, up from 234 a year ago and 130 in 2009.

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