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These Bike Pedals Double Up as Locks

Bicycle locks have pretty much become a standard accessory for every bike owner to have. As much as we'd love to trust others, an unlocked bike is just too easy and tempting for any attentive thief. While bike lock designs haven't exactly changed over the years, one concept brings about an interesting new idea: utilizing custom bike pedals that double up as locking mechanisms.

The idea is simple: once you're parked, all you have to do is disassemble your pedals, attach them to your bicycle wheels and you are good to go. The interesting part about this concept is that it provides two layers of security. Since some thieves may destroy locks to get their bikes, doing so with these concepts would mean stealing a bike without any pedals for the great escape.

Of course there are a couple of downsides that come along with the locks. First, disassembling them every time may get a bit tiring and tedious. And secondly, if you're a clean freak you might not be too happy having to touch your dirty bike pedals every time you need to park your bike. Either way, if the benefits outweigh the cons, perhaps we'll see this concept turn into a reality in the near future.