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The Best of CES: Samsung WF457 Washer and Dryer

We look to CES not just for cutting edge designs and features in computers and home entertainment, but also for the best innovations in home technology. That includes everyday, mundane categories like, yes, laundry, and Samsung has inspired us to think about ways that basic technologies could streamline our day-to-day chores.

The WF457 washer and dryer set is controlled by an 8-inch color touchscreen or by a SmartHome app—the appliances themselves communicate via Wi-Fi. From the app—which would run on most major smartphones and tablets—washing and drying cycles are managed: start or pause ‘em remotely, or just schedule ‘em to begin at a certain time. You can also set alerts for the washer or dryer to notify you on your device when a load is complete. If a system like this was used in an apartment or dormitory living arrangement, it could help bring peace between neighbors, and reduce stress in harried families.

It doesn’t hurt that the washer-dryer set is also highly energy efficient, using only 96 kWh per year in electricity (and less water than most, too).

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