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Best Buy: Purchase New Game for Used Price

Joystiq is reporting that Best Buy is experimenting with a new pricing program that will offer new games for used game prices (aka price matching). A poster displayed on this forum post--taken at a store located in West Jordon, Utah--reveals that the company wants to take business away from Gamestop and Game Crazy. Typically, used games sell for $5 to $10 less than new, unopened versions.

Joystiq contacted Best Buy and discovered that the display is indeed real, and that the program is not (yet) nationwide, but a localized test for that particular store. IGN also received the same answer, but also added that Best Buy would no comment on the possibility of expanding the new-for-used program to other stores. However, the spokesperson told IGN that individual stores are allowed to perform market tests that are separate from corporate strategy.

If the plan goes nationwide, it may put a dent in Gamestop revenues. After all, purchasing a new game at a used price is a great deal. However, if Best Buy plans to sell used games, what will be its pricing structure then? If they follow the price matching scenario, Gamestop and Game Crazy may need to re-think their pricing to stay open.