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Video Game Condoms: For Gamers with Game

We're big fans of video game memorabilia but we're not sure the childlike nostalgia of discovering a Princess Peach purse or a Tetris board game transfers to these Game Boy condoms. Rather than serving the sole purpose of evoking childhood memories, this marriage of product and marketing is aimed at more mature fans of Game Boy titles and is an attempt to promote safe sex. These colorful contraceptive devices come courtesy of 21-year-old Visual Communications student Ben Marsh (with design by Julia Roach) and a mock sexual health campaign.

Marsh explains the product on his Website:

The Play campaign revolved around "fun"The packaging aims create a desire to purchase the product for aesthetic reasons, rather than the necessity of condoms. Simply by owning the product, safe sex is promoted.

For more pictures, check out Ben and Julia's work on I Like Doodles.

 (I Like Doodles via Engadget and Nerd Reactor)