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No Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for Steam or GoG

Looking forward to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (BG:EE)? Don't go looking for it at your favorite retailers on launch day because it won't be there. Yes, that includes digital retailers like Steam and

According to a tweet by Beamdog founder Trent Oster, BG: EE will only be hitting Beamdog's website and the App Store on launch date. Boxed copies are also a no go since the business deal for boxed copies is in "limbo."

You also won't have to worry about having to download a separate client to play BG: EE, because there won't be one. Oster's stated that there will only be a launcher that will check for BG:EE updates, but that'll be it.

While it would be lovely to have BG: EE with the convenience of Steam or the absolutely DRM-free side of, it's not a huge tragedy that BG: EE won't be hitting other retailers at launch. There's nothing stopping BG: EE from coming to other digital retailers in the eventual future.