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BearHug Inflatable Vest Claims to Assist Autistic Children

Over the years, autism has become an increasing concern among parents but thanks to emerging technologies and concepts such as this BearHug Inflatable Vest, the lives of autistic children may be greatly improved. Appropriately named BearHug, this vest distributes an even amount of pressure throughout the wearer's body as it inflates mimicking the feeling of a warm embrace.

Designed by Lisa Fraser, the BearHug vest is based on Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT), a form of therapy that has shown success in alleviating stress and anxiety for individuals with autism or mental health disorders. The firm pressure achieved by the BearHug vest is believed to help increase attention as well as relieve anxiety in autistic children.

The BearHug vest can be inflated and deflated using a discreet button that is hidden inside of the vest. Designed for everyday use, the BearHug vest comes in various different colors and outer-shell styles that allow them to be worn anytime and inflated only when necessary. For more information on this concept, head on over to the Core77 article here.