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Acer Tops the Netbook Bill

However, king of the netbook jungle has always been Asus. The company kicked the fad off with the Eee PC and since then, be it an Eee or not, netbooks have become an everyday occurrence. Most common was the Eee, but there was definitely some competition out there with the likes of the Dell Mini and the MSI Wind.

In a recent report, DigiTimes put together a table showing a list of the top netbook manufacturers for Q3 2008 and it looks like Asus has been booted from the top spot. According to the table from DisplaySearch, Acer is the market leader with a share of 38.3 percent, while Asus brings up the rear with 30.3 percent.

Recently, Acer’s Aspire One is kicking the crap out of the Eee PC and we’re actually not that surprised. For all the fuss about the Eee when it was first launched (right after the OLPC foundation launched the Give One Get One program for the first time), people went nuts for them, but since then, things have sort of calmed down a little. With all the options, people have done their homework and decided for themselves which machine they want. The Acer is also that bit cheaper, which likely is a big factor in the sales growth.

While Asus is no doubt a little bummed with the news, we still think the Eee is pretty awesome for kicking this whole thing off.

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