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Military Sim Game ArmA III Launching Without Campaign

Bohemia Interactive announced that it would be releasing its military simulator FPS ArmA III without the campaign.  

According to the developers, this delay was because ArmA III's development cycle was quite turbulent. In order to speed up the iteration process, Bohemia released ArmA III in its alpha stage to the public. This decision meant that the development team would receive immediate feedback about the game from its audience, allowing the team to make changes where and when necessary. Unfortunately, this fast iteration process also meant a lot of stress. "Let's say a given designer has four scenarios under their direct control," stated Joris-Jan van 't Land and Jay Crowe in a developer blog post. "It's not unlikely that, after finishing a quick iteration of all four, the first couple are already broken." 

Instead, Bohemia's solution for the situation is to release ArmA III multiplayer-only, with the single player campaign coming as three free pieces of DLC called Survive, Adapt, and Win. 

Why not delay the release of the game overall in favor of finishing up the campaign? According to van 't Land and Crowe, the decision for an early release is multifaceted. "Some of it is simply related to running a business, while - especially given the positive reception to the Alpha and Beta - we feel it's best to get the content in our players' hands as soon as possible," stated the devs. "This is also in line with our release-strategy so far. Overall, we are confident in the content that is available at launch." 

Survive, Adapt, and Win will be made available within the first month of ArmA III's release, which will be sometime within the next few months.

  • DarkSable
    I think this is smart. The people who aren't interested in the single player campaign don't have to wait as long, and most of us who are aren't going to mind, since we'll be able to play the campaign after the multiplayer frenzy dies out anyways.

    I'll just be annoyed if it goes from smart business sense to greedy business sense if the DLCs are overpriced.
  • zander1983
    +1 to DarkSable
    I don't mind to wait for the campaign as long as I don't have to pay for it.
  • somebodyspecial
    Careful, you just said overpriced meaning you'd actually pay for them. They said FREE. I really don't know why they can't wait a month if that is all it takes to make a FULL game complete. Seems stupid to me but whatever.

    I don't play multiplayer (rarely - too many idiots, kids, cheaters etc). I'd rather just have a 20-100hr game alone thanks :) Now lan party, that's different. I'm not playing with idiots then and nobody in the room is cheating.
  • memadmax
    I wish more companies will do this with certain games.
    Multiplayer being released first is a chance to test the game/game engine while it's "out in the wild" thereby giving the developers a chance to see what is wrong with the game when it is most stressed... thereby, hopefully, giving us a more polished product...
  • abbadon_34
    Too bad, I was interested in playing this game. Oh well, plenty of others.
  • yobobjm
    Arma 3 is the game that's least filled with idiot kids. Especially so if you join a clan like many do. Also, if you aren't going to buy this game because it has no campaign you're doing it wrong. The Arma games are all about multiplayer teamplay, the amazing mission editor, and the included epic scenarios (which it still will have). So I honestly think very few people will mind.
  • ojas
    Most people in the Arma community (including me) couldn't care less.

    Arma 3's main draw was always multiplayer, the editor, mods, scripting, coop, community, etc.

    The campaign's a part of the base price, not a pay-for-DLC. They'll take the time to fix and improve the AI, etc. so that's fine with most of us.

    Anyway, there are already single player missions in the game, along with training missions.

    It's a good move, the Beta's coming along nicely, so no point keeping the rest of the game waiting while SP's being made and optimised.
  • monkeycmonkeydu
    No single player? Not going to buy it then. Multiplayer is so overrated these days.
  • spartanmk2
    Never played any of the Arma games, are they any good?
  • bustapr
    i think 99% of arma players couldnt care less. the arma community is somewhat of a smart one when it comes to campaigns and missions. people join groups and create their own missions and goals with other groups. well, thats my experience with it anyways. its quite fun.