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Archos Briefly Details Android Cell Phone

I don't expect you to remember anything said back then seven or eight months ago (goodness knows I had to check my old article to jog my memory), so here's a quick reminder:

Archos, a company revered for its PMP devices, is now entering the mobile phone market as well. Sometime in the third quarter of 2009, Archos will release a new Internet Media Tablet (IMT), a device that looks to combine touchscreen PMP/multimedia goodness with the Android OS from Google. While products from the French PMP manufacturer have been equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G mobile broadband for well over a year, the IMT is the first product from Archos that is meant to be a phone as well as a media player.

Now that we're all caught up, you might notice that we're happily plodding through the Q3 at the moment, meaning it's high time Archos spilled the beans on this thing.

The company yesterday gave a teeny sneak peak of what we can expect from the device. How does 10 mm thick, a 4.3-inch screen (854 x 480 resolution) and a 1 GHz ARM processor sound? It's not much in the way of details but when you coupled with what we heard back in February (a 5-inch touchscreen, 10 mm thick, up to 500 GB of storage, "access whenever and wherever to TV, movies, photos, music and games," and support for a myriad of standard and high definition video formats, along with Wi-Fi, 3.5G HSUPA mobile broadband, and full page web browsing and Flash/Flash Video support), it's enough to make my inner-geek scream, "WANT! WANT! WANT!"

Anyone else interested? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credit: Engadget