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Apple: Jailbreaking iPhone Could Crash Cell Towers

Digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) believes that modifications to Apple's iPhone operating system do not violate the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Thus, the group sent in a request to the Copyright Office stating that modifications should be allowed. As stated by the IDG News Service, the Copyright Office holds a hearing every three years to consider requests made by organizations that seek exceptions to the copyright law.

However on June 23, Apple rebutted the request, claiming that modifications to the iPhone OS constitutes copyright infringement. In fact, Apple told the Copyright Office that said modifications--aka jailbreaking--could allow hackers to avoid paying for phone calls, and could even crash mobile phone transmission towers, leading to major network disruptions.

"Because jailbreaking makes hacking of the BPP software much easier, jailbreaking affords an avenue for hackers to accomplish a number of undesirable things on the network," the filing said, referring to the iPhone's baseband processor that controls the connection to the mobile operator's network.

Hacking into the BPP could enable changes in the device's exclusive chip identification (ECID) and allow anonymous calling. With several phones modified with the same ECID accessing one network, legit phones could be kicked off, or cause a tower to malfunction.

"In short, taking control of the BPP software would be much the equivalent of getting inside the firewall of a corporate computer--to potentially catastrophic result," Apple said.

The Copyright Office will make its decision later this year.

  • tenor77
    Apple says that jailbreaking the iPhone could crash transmission towers.

    It also makes puppies instantly explode and makes Jesus cry. Truth!
  • Hanin33
    nice... they're using the US Government's scare tactics... let's see how this pans out for them... it's interesting that their products are so adored yet are so restrictive on their users... i don't know of any other products that have such overbearing protection mechanism that people still want to have the product... just look at the DRM on media issue... makes ya wonder wot people are really thinking...
  • msdss
    So do the right thing Apple, and unlock your god damned devil phone so that people don't have to do it to get the functionality thats freely available to other phones.
  • Nik_I
    good for you apple! this is what you get for trying to create the most restricted and locked up "open platform" ever conceived.
  • Montezuma
    Apple needs to quit lying to their customers. What do they think we are, five year olds? Fuck Apple.
  • ph3412b07
  • Hanin33
    why are you all acting like you have no choice but to use or want to use an iphone? all apple products are expensive status symbols... they're premium products and have a premium price... why would you think you could buy one cheap and do things it was not created to do? they're not forcing you to buy it in the first place... you choose to buy it and in so agree to use it the way they made it to be and suffer through the changes they make in the future. apple does not have to support you and your cheap goals... they're out to get the premium market, not the cheap skates... get over it and buy a phone you can afford with the software options you know you want and the device suppports... complaining about the iphone and it's restrictive policies is like buying a high end blender and complaining because it doesn't come with or use the attachment your old 20 dollar one came with...
  • kelfen
    apple as usually
  • Zoonie
    "Because jailbreaking makes hacking of the BPP software much easier, jailbreaking affords an avenue for hackers to accomplish a number of undesirable things on the network,"

    Ok.. so I guess the iPhone should be taken off the shelves, seeing that it could be potentially be used by hackers, jailbroken then used to hack networks bla bla bla bla

    How can these companies get away with accusations that contain the words "potentially" or "can be used" etc? Should we start banning knives, forks, electricity outlets and the internet too? I see potential harm in all of these.
    "Cause the internet can be used to hack a server".
  • wifiwolf
    security at it's best. wonder what are those on yesterday's article saying now about reasonable risk since it's not only this security flaw but one more sms flaw to add to it.
    Nice work apple...