Apple Launches New iPhone, Sells Old 3G for $99

Better than that, the old 8 GB iPhone 3G will sell at a new price of $99, starting today. Among the rumors that turned out to be complete fabrications are the forward facing camera, a soft rubber backing for a better grip on the phone, different colors ala the iPod Nano and FM radio.

However, confirmed was the aforementioned bump in capacity for the top model (from 16 GB to 32 GB), turn by turn navigation, a 3 MP camera with autofocus, tap to focus, video (30fps), MMS (though AT&T won’t be ready for it until sometime in the summer), improved battery life (9 hours of Wi-Fi browsing and up to 24 hours of music playback), and what we didn’t know about iPhone 3.0 before: the ability to rent or buy movies, TV shows or audio books through iTunes, directly from your phone. Extremely handy for when you’re about to go on a long flight. Looks-wise, it's pretty much exactly the same phone.

So how about it? Anyone tempted to buy the new iPhone? In all honesty, iPhone 3.0 is going to bring a lot of new features (like cut, copy, paste, MMS, etc.) so we’d be happy with either. More importantly, if there any new Pre owners now regretting their purchase? Let us know!

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  • IronRyan21
    With the old 3G at 99 dollars, I would buy the old one.Its still 3G just double capacity, and some improvements. The great news is the 99 dollar deal.
  • exfileme
    Darn, I guess the Redtube integration was just a rumor too :(
  • gimpy1
    You missed tethering; yes the iPhone supports tethering. Too bad ATT does not.

    I hate ATT.