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Apple May Sell 99c TV Show Episodes for iPad

The latest rumor regarding the Apple iPad is one that should interest more than just the people who purchase the device. The Financial Times reports that Apple will test 99c TV shows when the iPad launches. Citing people familiar with the matter, the aim of lowering price is to ignite sales.

FT reports that while some television companies have agreed to lower prices and media execs are being subjected to the pressure of declining DVD sales and cut-price rental prices, it's not yet clear how many or which networks have agreed to lower selected shows to 99c. Some media companies have said they have yet to be approached.

Would you be tempted to buy through iTunes if more content was at the lower end of the price spectrum? Engadget reports that, at the moment, some standard definition content previously priced at $1.99 on the iTunes has dropped to 99c already.

Read the full story on the Financial Times.