FINALLY: Apple Announces Event for January 27

Over the last couple of weeks, heavy speculation has indicated that this is the date Apple will launch its new tablet PC we've all been hearing so much about.

A little part of me hopes they do, just to get it over with. A bigger part of me hopes Apple just uses this event to drum up a whole butt-load of attention for nothing more than upgraded MacBooks featuring Intel's Westemere 32nm chips. Wouldn't that be a riot?

Unfortunately, given that the invitations say, "Come see our latest creation," it's highly unlikely that it's going to be a same old, same old, type of annoucement.

Still, a girl can dream.

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  • edlivian
    iphone for sprint cdma?????
  • Jazzmain
  • jamezrp
    If it were an iphone thing, then it would be Verizon, not Sprint. But it's not iPhone season (that's summer), so don't bet on it. New product most likely, expected to be a tablet PC. In any case, I might fly up there and see. More info on that as it comes...