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Man Shoots Up Apple Store

The Washington Post is reporting that a man shot an Apple Store employee in Arlington, Virginia earlier this morning around 10:15 am (EST). According to police reports, the alleged robber rang the doorbell at the back door entrance, and then shot the 26-year-old female employee answering the door. The report said that an additional employee was also on duty, located in the main showroom, and called the police once he heard the gunshot.

Detective Crystal Nosal, a police spokeswoman for the Arlington police, said it was unclear if words were exchanged between the suspect and the female employee, nor has the police determined if the suspect was actually after money, merchandise, or was ticked off over recent issues with the new iPhone 3GS. Recently Apple has come under fire in regards to its just-released iPhone, an upgraded version that sports improved hardware, additional features, and the new OS 3.0.

Although AT&T claims record numbers with its release, end-users have discovered that the highly anticipated device overheats to a great extent. Apple suggests that users operate the iPhone when temperatures are between 32 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. "Low or high-temperature conditions might temporarily shorten battery life or cause the device to temporarily stop working properly," the company said in its revised heat advisory. Apple also stressed that users should not leave the device in parked cars.

As for the suspect, the U.S. Park Police and Arlington police K-9 units searched for the armed man but came up empty handed (or empty pawed). The suspect was last seen fleeing the scene on foot, wearing a light-colored, short sleeve shirt, light-colored long pants, and a dark baseball cap. The suspect was also carrying a handgun, although the reports did not indicate if he had burn marks on his palms resulting from an overheated iPhone 3GS.

"I think it's a sign of the times, the economy, when you have someone desperate enough to rob an Apple store in an area like this," said Joe Punaro, a customer who showed up at 11 a.m. to find crime-scene tape and police cars littering the parking lot.

The unnamed female employee victim received a bullet in the shoulder, however her injury is not considered life threatening.

  • rooseveltdon
    He must have opened up his mac and then looked at the price tag.
  • lifelesspoet
    See, this is exactly why I hate fanboys.
  • vabeachboy0
    i know its not funny but..... LMAO :D
  • doc70
    well, at least you managed to squeeze a few words about that woman's condition at the end... WTF, we are supposed to care more about a living creature than an iShit overheating...
    my 2 cents
  • Sounds like more of a 3gs bash story than an attempted murder one.
  • the_one111
    doc70well, at least you managed to squeeze a few words about that woman's condition at the end... WTF, we are supposed to care more about a living creature than an iShit 2 centsWe already care more about animals than human beings. Why not tech?
  • gcolefla
    yeah i agree with doc70. I thought the girl wasn't hurt at all, tell us about the people's condition first and then about whatever else.
  • why is this article more concerned about overheating issues(which may or may not be realted in the slightest) than the actual event?
  • koss64
    As much as i hate Apple this article is in poor taste, someone has been shot and all the authur can comment on is the fact the new iPhones overheat?
  • Well maybe ask her what they were talking about before shooting, DUUUH.