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Rumor: Apple Hires Foster + Partners to Help with Stores

Apple stores are distinctive in design, with the same overall look applied to every location around the world. However, while the interiors almost always feature the same muted grey flooring, wooden display tables, Genius Bar, and bright lighting, the exteriors of stores can vary greatly, depending on location. From the glass cube in NYC to the store located inside the Louvre in Paris, Apple is no stranger to statements when it comes to its stores, and according to what the latest rumors suggest, Apple may have some unique stores for us soon.


Marketing magazine reports that Apple has taken on Norman Foster's architecture company, Foster + Partners, to help work on new designs for its stores. Though Apple partnered with 8 Inc for several of its stores (including the 5th Avenue cube), Marketing magazine cites sources that say Foster + Partners is helping Apple with the retail store design after designing its new spaceship-like headquarters in California.

Apple has a very successful retail strategy. Apple stores boast mind blowing sales per square foot figures ($6,050 according to retail and consumer goods consulting firm RetailSails), and the company was named the most successful retail store in America last year. According to USA Today, Apple's sales per square foot is more than double that of Tiffany's, the number two company on the list, and it boasts sales per store of $51.14 million.

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