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Apple Had Over One Year Left on Google Maps Contract

By now, you've probably heard over and over again about how much Apple's iOS 6 Maps application failed. Apparently Apple was just as surprised as we were. According to a source that spoke with the folks over at The Verge, Apple and Google still had another year left on their licensing contract. Meaning, Apple could have kept Google Maps for its iOS 6 and iPhone 5 launch, it just decided not to.

In what would certainly become a decision they later regretted, Apple decided to create its own app. According to the source, Apple felt Google's maps application was falling behind, particularly noting the absence of turn-by-turn navigation. Seeing as how Android is Apple's biggest competition, it makes sense for the company to launch its own maps application, as long as it can compete.

Unfortunately for Apple, the iOS 6 maps isn't quite ready to compete with Google Maps. But hey, if they can poach a few of those Google Maps developers, maybe the app will have a chance after all!


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