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Apple Considering EA Takeover? Yeah, Right!

Recent eports say Apple is in talks to buy Twitter, with some sites claiming Apple hopes to announce the acquisition at WWDC this year. According to TechCrunch, which cites a normally reliable source, Apple is in late-stage talks with Twitter regarding a buyout. These same sources added that the purchase price would be $700 million in cash.

We know you guys are sort of against Twitter by principal so here’s another takeover rumor for you. According to The Street, “there is chatter that Apple is eyeing Electronic Arts as a takeover target.” We can’t confirm or deny these rumors based on any facts but we seriously doubt Apple is about to purchase EA.

Given the successful quarter Apple just announced, people are speculating as to what Apple is going to do with all its money. That said, just because the last few days have been slow when it comes to news, and Apple has money to burn, does not mean you can make your own news up. The only thing we see that even comes near hinting toward Apple and game related activity is that the company recently hired a couple of game execs.

Interesting news in its own right, Gamasutra reports that the Cupertino company has snapped up 15-year Microsoft veteran Richard Teversham -- former senior director for insights and strategy in the Xbox business as well as Bob Drebin, who created the Gamecube's graphics processor. That said, that same report quoted industry analyst, Michael Pachter, calling the rumor retarded. Direct quote, "Sounds retarded to me. Apple could buy Warner Music for around $3 billion, and control 20 percent of all recorded music," he told Gamasutra. "That makes more sense to their current business model than buying EA for more than twice that, doesn't it?"

We don’t believe either rumor for a second, but we’re eager to hear your thoughts on this one, just for the sake of argument. Given Apple's recent hirings (and it's billions in the bank), which do you think is more likely, an EA purchase or an Apple console?