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Company Sues Apple and CBS For MightyMouse Copyright Infringements

Man and Machine is suing Apple for the use of the trademarked name, Mighty Mouse and CBS for licencing the name to Apple. CBS owns the copyright on the cartoon character, Mighty Mouse.

Man and Machine is an international company, which provides water-resistant computer accessories for hospitals, medical laboratories and similar environments with the aim of keeping infections at bay and keeping the accessories dry in places where water and moisture is unavoidable.

The company alleges that Apple began selling it’s MightyMouse product more than a year after they began peddling their own water and chemical proof mouse of the same name in hospitals and labs.

Man and Machine also claims that CBS had no right to licence the name to Apple because they do not own the MightyMouse copyright for goods in that category.

Man and Machine have offices in Maryland, New York and the Netherlands. We attempted to contact them for comment regarding the case but received no response at the time of print.

As always, we’ll keep you updated and let you know if and when they respond.

  • You need to learn to tell the difference between copyrights and trademarks!