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Apple Cuts 5,000 Sexy Apps (But Playboy Stays)

Apple has made a huge splash with its decision to delete a rumored 5,000 applications from the App Store. However, this wouldn't be an App Store story without some kind of inconsistent action on Apple's part; the App Store approval process has gained notoriety for approving some applications, while denying other perfectly acceptable apps.

In keeping with this tradition, it would appear Apple's decision to delete thousands of applications for their "overtly sexual content" does not extend to the Playboy application. The developer of an app called Wobble, ChilliFresh, claims to have spoken with Apple and says the following are the 'new rules' for submitting apps:

1. No images of women in bikinis (Ice skating tights are not OK either)

5. No sexual connotations or innuendo: boobs, babes, booty, sex – all banned

6. Nothing that can be sexually arousing!! (I doubt many people could get aroused with the pic above but those puritanical guys at Apple must get off on pretty mundane things to find Wobble “overtly sexual!)

7. No apps will be approved that in any way imply sexual content (not sure how Playboy is still in the store, but …)

Apple has yet to make a statement about the removal of these applications from the App Store. We'll update if and when they do.