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Majority of App Developers Make Less Than $500 a Month

While several developers have made a living out of their apps on smartphones such as Google's Play store and Apple's iOS App Store, the majority of developers generate less than just $500 a month, a study has found.

A recent GigaOM study of app developers found that more than 50 percent of them said they make less than $500 a month from their paid apps.

However, app development isn’t a full-time job for the majority of the respondents. 75 percent of the 352 developers questioned in the study work another job or carry out app development as a part of their main job.

5 percent of app creators, however, are making over $20,000 a month. That said, such developers are usually part of the bigger firms including EA, etc. And then there's Angry Birds creator Rovio, who are reportedly worth over $5.5 billion.


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