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Angry Birds Theme Park to Open in Finland

Since the Finnish game company first released Angry Birds in December 2009, Rovio has received worldwide attention and praise for its unbelievably addictive mobile game. One of the game's biggest fans would probably have to be UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who himself has already completed all of the game's levels. Apparently Rovio's wide fan base also includes the Finnish Särkänniemi Adventure Park.

With Särkänniemi's summer season beginning on April 28th, the company is set to begin construction on Angry Birds Land, an Angry Birds themed area of the park. Although an unlicensed Angry Birds themed attraction was opened in China last year, this one will have the official support of Rovio. Angry Birds fans will be able to see sneak previews of construction and attractions on Särkänniemi's website and the Angry Birds Facebook page after the summer season begins.