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What Android Looked Like Right Before the iPhone Launched

Apple launched its first iPhone in June of 2007 and a year and four months later we saw Google debut its first Android-powered smartphone, the T-Mobile G1. Manufactured by HTC, the G1 had a touchscreen as well as a hardware QWERTY keypad and was very different to Apple's iPhone. But what did Android look like before Apple's iPhone hit the scene?


Irish programmer Steven Troughton-Smith recently managed to get his hands on a Google Sooner to play with. The Google Sooner was the reference device that Google first used to show off Android and was manufactured by HTC. The handset is quite different to what eventually became the first Android phone, running on an OMAP850 processor with 64MB RAM, 2G speeds, a 1.3-megapixel camera, mini-SD support, and a build of Android that never made it to the mass market. Notably missing are Wi-Fi, and a touchscreen display.


Troughton-Smith writes that the phone is running an Android build that was built on May 15, 2007 (approximately one month prior to the first iPhone's release and a year and five months before the first Android device) and says it would have been perfectly in line with the world of Symbian and BlackBerry. He goes on to describe a lack of homescreen widgets that highlight the fact that it was "an OS designed to search Google from the very start." Check out the full walk-through of the Google Sooner and the build of Android running on the device on

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