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25% of Android Devices Are Running Ice Cream Sandwich

A quarter of all Android-powered devices are now powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

During the last two weeks of October, Android 4.0 was installed on 25.8 percent of devices, representing an increase of 23.7 percent in the previous month and 20.9 percent in August.

Android 4.1, otherwise known as Jelly Bean, took a 2.7 percent of the market share in October, which is an increase from 1.8 percent during September.

Version 2.3 (Gingerbread) remains the dominant Android version with a share of more than 54.2 percent. The figure is slightly down from 55.8 percent in October and 57.5 percent in September.

Elsewhere, Android 2.2 Froyo boasts a 12 percent share, while the three versions preceding Froyo cumulatively accounted for 3.5 percent of the market. Android 2.2/2.3 (Honeycomb) is installed on 1.8 percent of all Android devices.

While Jelly Bean still finds its way onto Android devices with just a 2.7 percent share, Google is due to release Android 4.2 on its upcoming Nexus 4 smartphone.


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