American Airlines Pilots to Start Using iPads This Week

Early this year, United Airlines announced that it planned to adopt a paperless flight deck and distribute 11,000 iPads to United and Continental pilots as part of a new electronic flight bag scheme. This week, American Airlines will throw a plan into action after receiving the approval from the FAA. ZDNEt claims to have received confirmation from a source that says the airline was just recently given the green light to allow the use of iPads (both the first and second generation) in place of paper flight manuals. AA is said to have flown thousands of hours with iPads to test the device.

"On Friday, American Airlines is the first airline in the world to be fully FAA approved to use iPads during all phases of flight," this source is quoted as saying. "Pilots will use iPads as electronic chart and digital flight manual readers. The airline will begin iPad operations on B-777 aircraft, and then implement across all other fleets." 

By replacing paper flight manuals with iPads, American Airlines will be improving both safety and efficiency on its flights. ZDNet's source indicates that though other airlines (such as continental) have made their plans to replace their paper manuals with iPads, they have not received approval to conduct flight operations in all phases of flight.

Read the full story here.

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  • zubikov
    Will they have a picture of Alec Baldwin set as the background? Also, I'm sure timing is just coincidental, but many pilots will be getting pink slips and massive salary cuts just as they see less-critical updates such as books replaced by iPads.

    It's ironic how AMR just filed for bankruptcy to try to cut costs and restructure itself as a company. Sounds like a poorly-managed company.
  • CaedenV
    man, and here I was hoping I would be safe while traveling for Christmas. Now I am going to have a pilot crashing into a mountainside while distracted with Angry Birds...

    On a related note of distracted pilots:
  • mcd023
    I feel good for the guy that wrote the program that they'll be using, unless they're just using a pdf reader