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Amazon Appstore to Offer Cheaper Android Apps

Frank over at Android News this morning discovered that someone at Amazon had slipped up and accidentally made accessible to all and any who cared to visit the URL. Upon visiting Amazon’s app store, he was presented with a horizontal slider displaying 48 apps.

However, a little comparison with the Android Marketplace showed that Amazon’s got some exclusives, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Force Recon, 3D Spider Walk, Brainwave Tuner and Highborn. There’s also 14 applications that are cheaper on Amazon than they are on the Android Marketplace, where as Google has only four cheaper apps cheaper than Amazon (Easy Tether, Where is the Red, Set CPU for Root Users, and Dungeon Scroll).

Unfortunately, pricing is all that we got from this leak (clicking on any of the apps resulted in a redirect to the homepage), but earlier this week we found out that Angry Birds Rio will debut exclusively on the Amazon Appstore. Amazon has yet to reveal when the Appstore will launch but it is expected to be soon, as Angry Birds Rio is scheduled to hit this month. Rio, the 20th Century Fox movie it's being launched in conjunction with, is due out in theaters on April 15.

Android News has got a full list of the price differences between Amazon and Google’s respective stores. Check it out if you’re interested!