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Acer Aspire One Review

Chic Design, But Fingerprint Prone

Acer brings color to its netbook range. Alongside the "Sapphire Blue" of our model, the Aspire One is also available in "Seashell White," "Golden Brown" and "Coral Pink." Female buyers will most likely favor the latter, especially since the Aspire One is small enough to fit into just about any handbag.

Watch a video tour of the Acer Aspire One.

The design is attractive and fresh. The version we have here has a bottom shell in matt black plastic. The display surround is in a shiny black plastic. The lid and interior, on the other hand, are blue. The result is chic with a high-quality look. The metallic tone gives the impression that the casing is metal. But in actual fact, the palm rest is made of colored plastic.

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Unfortunately the highly polished surfaces immediately reveal every single fingerprint. After a short time, both the lid and the palm rest became covered with many fingerprint smudges that needed to be wiped off.

Acer also brings a little color to the sides as well. The hinge fixtures have orange-colored rings with a small silver circle inside. The WLAN slide switch and the associated control lamps are located on the front right-hand side of the case edge. To the left above the keyboard are the LEDs for power and battery status, as well as CAPS and NUM locks status. The On button is in a small depression on the right-hand side and lights up green when the machine is in operation.