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Mobile Carriers May Charge Per Page

Right before the FCC is to hold a vote regarding "fairness" to some of the nations internet service

providers, two companies, Allot Communications and Openet - suppliers of large wireless companies including AT&T and Verizon, came up with a product that is quite contrary to the FCC's intentions.

Their new product was revealed in a web seminar last Tuesday in which the PowerPoint presentation was leaked to Wired by one of their trusted sources.

So what exactly is the new product? It's a sort of tracking system that makes it possible for your wireless provider to literally monitor everything you do online, web page to web page, and charge you extra for certain websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Hulu, etc.

For example, on the seventh slide of the PowerPoint, one Vodafone user is charged an additional two cents per MB for using Facebook, an additional three euros a month for Skype and an additional monthly 50 cents for YouTube.

The possibilities of Allot and Openet's new product are almost endless and could give wireless providers the power to create very restricting, revenue producing service plans. Hopefully this consumer nightmare may be prevented by the federal government applying some net neutrality regulations preventing internet providers from blocking competitive content on the basis of "fairness".

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