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AT&T Announces U-Verse TV Streaming Plan

Though online streaming's goal of effectively undercutting cable is yet to be completely realized, cable companies are beginning to implement changes to compete against the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Comcast and Time Warner Cable have already offered content streaming for paying customers.

AT&T is joining the streaming game. At its Developer Summit hosted in Las Vegas, AT&T announced a video-on-demand service for U-Verse TV subscribers. The service will be available only to U-Verse subscribers for five dollars a month, and will open up access to 1,500 movies viewable via TV, computer, and tablet.

A free preview for the service will be offered for this week, from 1/7 to 1/13. For U-Verse subscribers, the preview is available under 'Add Premiums' under the TV Services section and is listed as 'U-Verse Screen Pack.'

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