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Cash Register Company Creates ATM for the Illiterate

For most of us, using an ATM for a simple deposit or withdrawal is an easy task, but for the semi-literate or illiterate of developing nations, it could be much more difficult. Hoping to make ATM use even easier, cash register manufacturer NRC Corp. has created a brand new ATM machine. With a design resembling Indian post office boxes, NRC's new ATM will come equipped with biometric sensors, pre-set cash buttons, a printer and cash dispenser.

Ironically enough, the printer is used for printing receipts, but that's because NCR's marketing research showed that customers don't consider transactions complete without a receipt. The main idea behind the device is to utilize biometrics and simple pre-set buttons for the most simple and minimal ATM experience possible. Users simply scan their fingerprint, press a button and retrieve their cash.

Of course that is after the customer creates an account and is fingerprinted to begin with. This could provide an obstacle for NCR's new ATM, but the company is intent on testing the device within a year. The ATM will begin testing in the States, but eventually move on to targeted markets such as rural China and India.