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AT&T Offers Contract-free, "No-Commit" iPhones

After the Paddy’s Day preview of iPhone OS 3.0, people have been searching for more and more clues if the new OS means a new iPhone. Everyone is saying June because, let's be honest, when Apple gets into a groove with releases for a certain line, they tend to stick to the same sort of dates (iPods are usually September, for example).

That said, the last few days I’d had that sort of sinking feeling that my iPhone anticipation was going to be turned on it’s head. I’d just decided I wanted one and was certain there’d be a new one in June. That said, the last few days I wasn’t so sure. Maybe it was the Patrick’s Day hangover talking but all that certainty was making me, well, uncertain.

Until this morning that is. We’d heard rumors that the British iPhone carrier, O2 was going to be offering the iPhone 3G for free. Not thinking much of it (European carriers seem to have better deals than the U.S. anyway, right?), I figured it was just a ploy to shift some units fast and get people moving from T-Mobile and Orange to O2. Today reports have emerged saying something similar about the American carrier, AT&T.

Boy Genius Report claims, citing internal AT&T memos, that the mobile phone provider is planning on offering a non-commit iPhone for the price of $599 (8GB) or $699 (16GB) as of March 26. Granted, the recession right now means not a lot of people have six or seven hundred dollars lying around to buy an off-contract iPhone but it’s definitely got us all riled up for some new hardware.

Excitement aside, it's time for the catch (of course there's a catch it's AT&T and Apple). The offer is only available to existing AT&T customers and there's only one no-commit iPhone per customer. Sniff. Check out BGR for the full scoop.

Without further ado, your wish lists for the new iPhone hardware, please! What do you want to see? We want a faster CPU, a front facing camera and improved battery life. Leave your thoughts below!