Unhappy AT&T Customer Shoots AT&T Employee

Contributing Writer

Abraham Dickan, 79, was a very unhappy AT&T customer. Dickan had reportedly been abusive and angry toward employees at the New York Mills store on several occasions before. He had even had police reports filed against him for brandished weapons at the staff there, though Lt. Troy Little says he had no priors.

Yesterday, Mr. Dickan entered the store with a .357 magnum in his hand, and a list containing the names of six employees he intended to shoot. The senior citizen shot at the first AT&T worker, Seth Turk, but was gunned down by an off-duty police officer. WKTV reports that Rome Police Officer Donald J. Moore saw and heard the gun and shot at Dickan right away.

Dickan was killed by Officer Moore's shots but Seth survived and was transported to St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica for surgery, where he remained Thursday evening in critical condition.

A letter was found on Dickan's person, which apparently showed he was upset by previous incidents at the store. He had been banned from the store (presumably after he waved a handgun around the first time), but no court order had been filed to keep him off the premises.